Introduction to the FOOTT PRINTTS Literature Review

The literature review encompasses both academic and grey literature, covering effective CPD practices, teacher trainer development, and policy-level support for teacher professional development. The review’s main aim is to report on the state-of-the art in research on the conditions necessary for effective CPD and to identify gaps in knowledge. It includes empirical research on the impact of CPD on teacher knowledge, beliefs, practices, and student outcomes. The review methodology involved extensive keyword searches in google scholar search engine and contributions from project partners across different countries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse CPD systems.

Empirical research highlights several critical elements that contribute to the effectiveness of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Active and collaborative learning, as well as a strong school-level support are fundamental to effective CPD, enhancing teachers’ professional growth and improving student outcomes. Engaging teachers in active, job-embedded learning experiences over extended periods is essential and collaboration among teachers through mentoring, peer feedback, and shared examination of teaching practices fosters professional growth. Support at the school level is also crucial. The quality of relationships within the school and a responsive administration are important. Balancing individual development needs with school-wide goals ensures the success of CPD initiatives.

The review also explores the effectiveness of online and hybrid CPD models, which have become increasingly relevant. These models offer flexibility and can be tailored to meet diverse learning needs and contexts, making them valuable tools for teacher development.

The provided document underscores the need for clear standards and systematic evaluation processes to ensure the provision of high-quality professional development. Concrete examples from various European countries illustrate different approaches to promoting CPD quality, such as accreditation of CPD providers and alignment with school-level quality assurance systems.

The FOOTT PRINTTS project is an essential initiative aimed at enhancing the quality and consistency of in-service teacher professional development across Europe. By identifying effective CPD elements and developing quality assurance guidelines, the project seeks to support teachers in their lifelong learning journey, ultimately leading to better educational outcomes for students. For more detailed information, please refer to the full literature review document provided by the FOOTT PRINTTS project team.

FOOTT PRINTTS literature review