FOOTT PRINTTS Kick-Off in the Heart of Europe

Our project team gathered for an exciting first meeting at our “FOOTT PRINTTS” Kick-Off in the heart of Europe – Brussels!
Together with 15 people from our 7 partnering countries, we took a first step towards our goal:
“Focus on Teacher Training – Practical Guidelines for In-Service Teacher Trainers”
For the next three years we will work within our Erasmus plus cooperation partnership, which is co-financed by the European Commission.
Our mission?
To elevate the quality of in-service teacher training across Europe, creating a sustainable effect of educational excellence from trainers to teachers to students. We’re not just theorizing; based on our research we will be providing practical, interactive tools and resources for teacher trainers inspired by firsthand insights from EU teacher training experts.
The meeting in Brussels began with an engaging session focused on team-building, where each member’s expertise shone, laying a solid foundation for our transnational project. Followed by a detailed examination of our Sustainability Plan, an essential step to ensure alignment and shared understanding among diverse team members.
One of the highlights was the thorough discussion around our Partnership Agreement and Communications Strategy. It was a collaborative effort, reflecting the diverse insights and rich experiences each member brings to the table.
The severe happenings of October 16th in Brussels left a true mark on us and empowered us even for more to aim towards a strong “WE”.
Our project is more than a set of objectives; it’s a path forward in education. And as we take these first steps, we’re mindful of the impact our footprints can have on future generations of educators and learners. Let’s move forward with purpose, collaboration, and a shared vision.
“Success is not just the footprint you leave; it’s the path you create for others to follow.” – Anonymous
Stay tuned as we share our journey, challenges, learnings, and successes. To a future where every teacher is equipped, empowered, and inspired to create ripples of change in the educational landscape!