One Step Closer in Paris: A Sneak Peek at the 2nd FOOTT PRINTTS LIVE MEETING

In February, our cooperation partner in Paris, the European Institute of Education and Social Policy (EIESP), hosted the second FOOTT PRINTTS Live Transnational Project Meeting (TPM).

Delving Deep into Literature Findings

This two-day gathering was established to exchange updates on the progress made by the FOOTT PRINTTS project partners and to discuss collaboration for future steps. A concise summary, presented by the project coordinator from the district government of Arnsberg, included detailed timelines and notable accomplishments, setting the stage for subsequent phases of work.
The highlight of the initial day was the session on reviewing literature, led by our French partner. This presentation showcased comprehensive findings from significant studies of interest (e.g. Kennedy, 2016 ; Asterfall and Lefstein, 2023; Richter (undated) and Lipowsky, 2018 ) and sparked a discussion on the implications of these findings for our survey research, as well as the formulation of quality assurance frameworks and guidelines. The findings from this thorough examination of literature will be made accessible soon, emphasising that everyone interested in the project can benefit from the most up-to-date insights and information on in-service teacher training. The objective of this phase was to connect theoretical knowledge with practical implementations, specifically tailored to the unique circumstances of the partner nations.

Forging Tools for the Future

Subsequently, the focus shifted towards the practical elements of survey development. This particular session was led by the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna. The aim was to design a survey tool that is effective enough to transcend cultural and national boundaries, ensuring its relevance and applicability across diverse educational environments.

Day Two: Developing the Structure

The second day commenced with a dedicated session aimed at finalising the survey structure. In-depth conversations delved into the specifics of survey subjects, encompassing the requirement for inclusive samples and taking into account the distinct considerations of each country represented in the gathering.

The afternoon was centred around identifying crucial areas to incorporate in the survey, ensuring that each component was precisely targeted to produce the most influential insights. The event concluded with focused discussions specific to each country, providing an opportunity for every delegation to express their individual concerns and perspectives, thus paving the way for customized implementations.

Beyond an Agenda: A Vision for the Future

More than just meetings and agendas, the 2nd FOOTT PRINTTS LIVE TPM in Paris was a crucible of ideas, where theory met practice and educators and researchers collaborated towards a common goal. We took a significant step toward transforming in-service teacher training across borders and ensuring our collective impact is both profound and positive. This meeting marked another milestone in our transformative journey.