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GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Filling the gap of missing practical guidelines on quality factors of international in service teacher training we provide a theoretical and practical research from which we generate possible conditions of success and provide good practice for quality assurance systems in European in-service teacher training at the example of seven countries across Europe representing regional, national, public and private training institutions.
Assessment of the status quo of in-service teacher training with a focus on training design quality standards ( literature review).
By quantitative and qualitative research with a focus on quality perception the in practice status quo of in-service teacher training will be identified.
Provision of a guidance framework, good practices and initiation of a network on the basis of the literature review and the field research.
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From the literature review and the field research we conclude main conditions of success for in-service teacher training and provide a guidance framework and good practice examples for in-service teacher training within an interactive website at the example of selected countries.
Following the idea of the EEA we initiate an international online and on-site network for teacher trainers focusing on examples of the reference framework as well as good practices.