BR Arnsberg


The district government Arnsberg’s department 46.3 is pivotal in the professional journey of 40,000 teachers, orchestrating their training, further education, and overall professional development. Acting under the ministry’s directives, this department collaborates closely with various educational stakeholders, leveraging the expertise of its staff and 700 part-time teacher moderators to foster school development processes.

21 Knowledge


Established in 2016, 21Knowledge is a beacon of contemporary education, deeply embedded in the Erasmus+ landscape. Under the banner “Learning for the 21st Century,” they champion innovation in education, preparing European entities for a rapidly evolving future. Their network spans various educational sectors, and they specialize in digital competencies and online collaborative platforms.

University College Vienna


As Austria’s premier institution for teacher education, the University College of Teacher Education Vienna (PHW) offers a comprehensive range of programs for aspiring teachers. Their expansive campus serves as a hub for educational innovation, where students are prepared to excel in diverse educational settings.

Uniwersytet Rzeszowski


With a multifaceted academic structure, the University of Rzeszow stands at the forefront of academic research and education. Their comprehensive programs, especially in teacher education, are complemented by high-caliber research initiatives, contributing significantly to various socio-economic and cultural domains. Its commitment to research, innovation, and inclusivity ensures that educators receive the support and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and contribute to the enhancement of education in the region and beyond.



Based in Karditsa, Greece, Educom+ is a dynamic educational collective with a team of 21 educators, each bringing unique insights from diverse educational backgrounds. This non-profit organization reaches over 2,000 individuals annually, offering innovative training courses for teachers, facilitating student mobility, and engaging in strategic partnerships under the Erasmus+ KA2. With a strong commitment to inclusive education, sustainable learning, and ICT integration, Educom+ stands at the forefront of modern educational initiatives, fostering a community of continuous learning and growth.



The European Institute of Education and Social Policy (EIESP) is a non-profit organisation with more than forty-five years’ experience in the analysis of education and training policies in Europe and beyond. Working with international partners, we develop evidence-informed strategies that support effective learning and the well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Børn og Unge Aalborg


Steering the educational journey of children and youth in Aalborg, Børn og Unge is instrumental in administering public nurseries, kindergartens, and schools. Their Skills Center is a crucible for pedagogical innovation, driving competence building and teacher training initiatives both locally and internationally.