FOOTT PRINTTS at the ATEE Spring Conference in Bergamo

At the end of May, we had the pleasure of presenting our FOOTT PRINTTS project to an international audience in the historic and prestigious halls of the University of Bergamo. The conference, organized by the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) in collaboration with several educational and research institutions, gathered educators, researchers, and policymakers from all around the world to discuss trends, challenges, practices, and perspectives in teacher education. Under the conference’s theme, we informed participants about the steps we have taken so far in the ERASMUS+ project with our European partners, focusing on literature and field research.

Conference Overview

The ATEE Spring Conference 2024 took place from May 29th to June 1st, 2024, at the historical site of Sant’Agostino in Città Alta. The event was organized by the Dipartimento di Scienze Umane e Sociali and CQIIA of the University of Bergamo, in cooperation with ATEE and several other educational associations. The conference featured a rich program, including keynote speeches, parallel sessions, poster presentations, and workshops.

FOOTT PRINTTS Presentation

Our participation at the ATEE Spring Conference was highlighted by the presentation of our FOOTT PRINTTS project during one of the parallel sessions on May 30th, 2024. During our presentation, we emphasized the following key aspects of the FOOTT PRINTTS project:

  1. Innovative Training Approaches: Our goal is to combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Our approach emphasizes reflective teacher training practices and continuous professional growth.
  2. Digital Integration: The integration of digital tools in our interactive platform for teacher trainers aims to enhance the training experience, providing them with the necessary skills to navigate and utilize technology effectively in their CPDs.
  3. Collaborative Learning: FOOTT PRINTTS fosters a collaborative learning environment where teacher trainers can share experiences, strategies, and insights, creating a supportive community for professional development.

Impact and Feedback

The presentation was well-received by attendees, starting discussions on the future of teacher training and the role of international quality frameworks in professional development. Participants appreciated the practical insights and the collaborative nature of our approach, recognizing the potential of FOOTT PRINTTS to contribute to the field of in-service teacher training.

Networking and Collaboration

The conference provided an excellent platform for networking and collaboration. We connected with educators and researchers from various institutions, exploring potential partnerships and support for our initiative. The exchange of ideas and experiences enriched our understanding and opened new avenues for the progress of our online platform.


Our participation in the ATEE Spring Conference 2024 was highly beneficial. Presenting the FOOTT PRINTTS project highlighted our innovative approaches to in-service teacher training and reinforced our commitment to enhancing education through collaboration and digital integration. We look forward to implementing the valuable feedback received and continuing our efforts to support teachers in their professional journeys.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our ongoing projects and future conferences.